Revitalize your Beauty

Get a strong, healthy and shiny mane with Biofol. Our products contain natural ingredients that will make your hair look like never before.

Age Defense Treatment Shampoo

BIOFOL AGE DEFENSE shampoo contains more than 98% of ingredients of natural origin. It does not contain silicone or parabens. It contains an active ingredient that promotes hair regrowth. Enriched with amino acids and B-group vitamins.

Volumizing Styling Foam

Volumizing No-Rinse Foam is formulated with 98% naturally derived ingredients.
Rich in amino acids and panthenol.
Without parabens
Enriched with an active ingredient that promotes hair regrowth
pH of 5

Instant hair-conditoning complex

Revitalizes dry or fine hair. Restores volume to fine hair. Contains plant Placenta and vitamin F Formula made of more than 98% from natural origin ingredients. pH de 5.5

Placenta instant repairing complex

Biofol Placenta. Complex repair Placenta Contains vegetable placenta. Detangles hair and repair tips. Formula made of more than 98 % natural ingredients. pH acide de 4

Fortifying tonic complex age defense

Contains a milk protein complex and amino acids. Hair regrowth promoting active ingredient. pH of 5.5